Frozen. Litterally.

It started a couple of days before Christmas. The temperature rose to minus one and it started to rain, and rain, and rain. During the night, it froze. When this occurs, it’s usually followed by power failures. We were lucky that our street had to do without electricity for only one day. Others were without for a week, even when the temperature dropped to minus twenty.

The fog and rain before it turned into ice.








Everything is trapped under a thick layer of ice. It looks magical, but unfortunately many trees broke under the weight. It was impressive to hear the sounds of the trunks and branches giving up under the ice!



  1. pRiyA   •  

    Such cold with no electricity is beyond my imagination Julie. The slightest breeze and we run for our sweaters here. Pictures of the ice-storm are beautiful, but I am glad to see it only on the computer and I am glad you did not have to suffer no electricity for more than a day.

    • Julie Lapointe   •  

      You get used to it! The temperature drops down slowly from September to December and with appropriate clothing, it’s quite OK.
      Winter can be really beautiful. Not everybody is a fan, but I am one. I grew up in a part of Quebec where minus thirty is not uncommon. Just like Obelix, I fell into the pot when I was young and became immune to the cold! ;-)
      Though I envy the explosion of colors you live in all year long!

    • Julie Lapointe   •  

      Thank you Marge. I love your palm tree icon, it’s a nice contrast to the ice pictures of the post!

  2. Anik   •  

    Tes photos sont si belles et délicates. Tu as un réel talent. T’es bonne dans tout! Cuisine, design, photo… :-)

  3. Chantal F   •  

    Mettez en qu’elle est bonne dans tout! Et en plus elle est fine, belle et brillante! C’est une superbe!

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