Four new whales

Whales by La Datcha
Pastel pencil on stone

Don’t know why I love drawing them so much…

So even if my niece told me “Julie, I’m growing tired of your whale pebbles”, I might just add a few more to the collection.

Whales by La Datcha

April Challenge: Last but not least

April Challenge: mushrooms
Lead pencil on paper

Last but not least, since we’re talking Mushroom. Yes, it’s worth a capital m and bold letters. These tiny and delectable beauties are a big thing in our house. I could tell you how every year, during several months, I loose Nicolas to the silent hunt. Priya wrote a beautiful post about it, after experiencing one of these expeditions with us last Fall.

April Challenge: mushrooms

So, I’ve done it! 30 days, 30 creations. I thought I was done, but then Carla Sonheim‘s newsletter came in and there was this link about 100 days of making? Hummm….

April Challenge: Week Four, Abstracts

April Challenge: Week four, abstract
Acrylic, lead pencil and micron pen on paper

April Challenge: Week four, abstract

Only four days left before the end of my April Challenge!

Up to now, creating every day has been really good for the mind, especially with these abstract drawings. It was more spontaneous; no plans, just letting go and exploring other forms on top of the basic shapes I started with.

April Challenge: Week four, abstract

April Challenge: Week four, abstract

April Challenge: Week four, abstract

Have a look at the playful work of:

Kim Baise
Cubicle Refugee

April Challenge: Week Three, Animal Party

April Challenge - party animal
Acrylic and pen on paper, April 2015

Already week three of my April Challenge: create something new every day of this month!
This week was all about animals.

April Challenge - party animal


April Challenge - party animal

The thought is to combine them all, which will happen in May. I tried various treatments and decided on the one below. I like how the black extremities contrast with the unfinished parts of the sketch.

April Challenge - party animal

Have a look at the work of:

Faye Moorhouse
Olya Leontieva

The April Challenge

Grues sur papier livre, 1er avril 2015
Ink on paper, April 1, 2015

Why not take a little challenge to kick spring off?

I’ve decided to create something new every day of April: a drawing, a decorated pebble, a collage, etc.

I’ll post the results every Sunday but in the meantime, here is my very first drawing of the month!


Big birds

Big birds - La Datcha

Not the yellow one. :-)

Big Bird, black - La Datcha

Acrylic on paper, 2014

Big Bird, pink - La Datcha

Acrylic on paper, 2014

Lac des sept frères, QC - La Datcha

A souvenir from a few years ago, at the Lac des sept frères, in the Vérendrye Park in Quebec. We went canoe-camping for a few days. Even if I like winter, I sometimes dream of swimming in a big deep blue lake early in the morning, while the loons are singing… (you will hear them at the 20th second) and–1nM.