22 Ready to Go

Ceramics by La Datcha (Julie Lapointe)

I just spent three hours sanding these 22 pieces until they felt like baby skin. ;-)
It makes it so much easier to paint on the surface once they’re bisqued.

They’re now ready to leave for their first firing.

Hello Every Sunday, week four!

Hello Every Sunday, week four: Pods and seeds

Hello Every Sunday, week four: Pods and seeds

Pencil on paper

My! Four weeks already into this challenge; only 48 to go! This week’s theme: Pods and seeds. You can follow us at https://helloeverysunday.tumblr.com/.

I’m still struggling to find the right sketchbook. I need something that could hold 365 days of drawings, that can handle wet medium from time to time and that stays easily opened. Does that even exist? I would settle for 100 pages since I often combine three or more drawings on the same page. If you are aware of such a product, please tell me where to find it!

Hello Every Sunday, week one and two

Hello Every Sunday, week one

Taking the time to draw every day, for 365 days: that’s what Priya challenged me to, a few days before the New Year. I’m so crazy; I said yes.

So, every Sunday, we each upload a montage for the past week. One for Priya (Bengalore), one for me (Montreal).

You can follow us on Tumblr at https://helloeverysunday.tumblr.com/, and here is a foretaste:

Hello Every Sunday, week one

Hello Every Sunday, week one
Week one: Mushroom experiments
Silver pen and pastel on ink


Hello Every Sunday
Week two: Exploring new color palettes
Watercolor, acrylic, pen, pencil


Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

My best wishes to you for 2017; happy drawings, paintings, collages, pottery and what not!

I’ve started working TODAY on a brand new project, besides my current obsession (pottery): a drawing a day for the next 365 days in parallel to Priya from the Plum Tree. I’ll share the details in a next post. Until then, here are some pieces, in production or finished, that I’ve been working on during the past weeks.


My crooked coffee cupFur on wood and white glaze on clay

This small coffee cup is slightly crooked, but I love its texture and roundness. It feels a bit sandy under the fingers and it fits perfectly in my hands. Note the furry ballerina paws in the background. They are a perfect backdrop to any pictures.


Marbled clayA first attempt with marbled clay (#542 and #519), slowly drying


Marbled clay, polished with the back of a spoon
Marbled clay, polished with a metal spoon


Fall and winter pottery piecesCompleted pieces from this Fall/Winter
Mushroom: black underglaze and clear glaze on clay #519, black slip and clear glaze on speckled clay, grapevine glaze on clay #519


MushroomThe only drawing that came out as I hoped was this mushroom painted on a small disk. The combination was perfect: right amount of underglaze and transparent glaze on top. I applied a thin layer of the latter with a sponge and it seems that this is what works best. It didn’t make the drawing fuzzy like the other ones.


My January gift: a wallpaper of a very snowy forest in Sutton, where we used to live. You can download it by right-clicking on the picture. Choose “Save image as”.

Snow in the woods, Sutton (Quebec)