Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

My best wishes to you for 2017; happy drawings, paintings, collages, pottery and what not!

I’ve started working TODAY on a brand new project, besides my current obsession (pottery): a drawing a day for the next 365 days in parallel to Priya from the Plum Tree. I’ll share the details in a next post. Until then, here are some pieces, in production or finished, that I’ve been working on during the past weeks.


My crooked coffee cupFur on wood and white glaze on clay

This small coffee cup is slightly crooked, but I love its texture and roundness. It feels a bit sandy under the fingers and it fits perfectly in my hands. Note the furry ballerina paws in the background. They are a perfect backdrop to any pictures.


Marbled clayA first attempt with marbled clay (#542 and #519), slowly drying


Marbled clay, polished with the back of a spoon
Marbled clay, polished with a metal spoon


Fall and winter pottery piecesCompleted pieces from this Fall/Winter
Mushroom: black underglaze and clear glaze on clay #519, black slip and clear glaze on speckled clay, grapevine glaze on clay #519


MushroomThe only drawing that came out as I hoped was this mushroom painted on a small disk. The combination was perfect: right amount of underglaze and transparent glaze on top. I applied a thin layer of the latter with a sponge and it seems that this is what works best. It didn’t make the drawing fuzzy like the other ones.


My January gift: a wallpaper of a very snowy forest in Sutton, where we used to live. You can download it by right-clicking on the picture. Choose “Save image as”.

Snow in the woods, Sutton (Quebec)



Frozen. Litterally.

It started a couple of days before Christmas. The temperature rose to minus one and it started to rain, and rain, and rain. During the night, it froze. When this occurs, it’s usually followed by power failures. We were lucky that our street had to do without electricity for only one day. Others were without for a week, even when the temperature dropped to minus twenty. Continue reading…

“Whaleful” weekend

The little lake has been emptied in preparation for the winter to come. Our landlord told us that he sometimes transforms this space into an ice ring… Well, my skates are already hung in the staircase!

The weekend has been whaleful. I painted two versions of the great mammal and also created a papercut. I have been a little bit obsessed by whales since I drew some on pebbles. I like their massive and simple shape and the way the light hits their skin under water.

"Whaleful" weekend
Ink on paper

And these submarine disco balls also came out during the weekend…

Underwater disco balls :: Petites boules disco sous-marines
Acrylic on paper


A very thin layer of white snow was covering the ground when we woke up yesterday. I can’t wait for the first “real” snow, the one that will stay until next spring. It will be our first winter here, quite a change with Montreal. This is what the last snow storms looked like:

La dernière tempête de l'année?

La dernière tempête de l'année?

La dernière tempête de l'année?

Also, I attended a benefit for the Haiti children last Tuesday. The organisers of this event were quite happy with the results!

Of course I forgot my camera on that night but a friend took photos that I will share as soon as I receive them.

Have a good week!


Dans le parc de la Vérendrye

This photo was taken in the Réserve faunique La Vérendrye.
It looks like little pearls of pine gum or is it a mushroom that can perspire coffee? That would be like heaven for my boyfriend, a combo of two of his favourite things in the world.

Au mont Kékéko

Delicate mushroooms found on Mount Kekeko, they seem to be floating.

Au mont Kékéko

These were found on mount Kekeko as well, they look like bubble gum mushrooms!

Au chalet : lactaire indigo

This is the only one I can name here: lactarius indigo or indigo-milk mushroom in English (I think).
It is supposed to be edible but we did not try it.
I found it particularly beautiful, like a miniature upside down world.

Great hand drawn mushrooms: Amy Ross, Vladimir Stankovic
Now, Forager: “follows a Basque-American husband and wife across three seasons as they struggle to earn a living by hunting wild mushrooms and selling them to restaurants.”
Foraging and cooking Wild Mushrooms (a short video)
A thank you to my friend Chantal who sent me the last two links!

Have a good weekend!

The art of napping

May I introduce you to Roupie Les Mitaines (Roupie AKA “The Mittens”).

L'art de la sieste :: The art of napping
Roupie sleeps at least 18 hours a day.

Between two naps, he will eat, play and purrr.

L'art de la sieste :: The art of napping


L'art de la sieste :: The art of napping

Not being gifted for the art of sleeping, I sometimes get jealous of him. He makes it look so easy!

Well, I have to get back to work while he does what he does best…

Automne :: Autumn