First peak a the postcards for the DIY swap

First peak at the postcards for the DIY swap

I started to work on the postcards for the swap during the weekend; therefore, they’re a little bit Halloween inspired! This time, it’s acrylic and collage on paper pages from an old book. I like the way they add texture and rhythm to the cards.

Paper leaves

The first thing I did was to paint and cut these paper leaves, but they did not fit on the test card. My idea did not come out as planned and I had to start over twice, with an end result that was completely different from what I had in mind.

Green bird

Red bird

I also had fun with the leaves I collected a few weeks back.

Elsa Mora just launched a brand new blog about papercutting, and it’s already filled with lots of beautiful artworks!


  1. iHanna   •  

    Oh wow, Julie, it looks exciting! I hope you could use your painted leaves somewhere else? And I adore the leaf animals you made, specially the fishy first one! Would make awesome prints! Have you made a autumn mandala yet?

    • Julie Lapointe   •  

      Thank you Hanna! And don’t worry, these leaves will end up somewhere else. :-)
      I’ve seen your beautiful mandala, I might try one as well!

  2. Cyndee Starr   •  

    I’ve been collecting leaves and drying them to use in collage but hadn’t thought about using them like you just did. Love the shapes you created. Maybe I will be lucky and receive one of your cards in the mail.

  3. Anik   •  

    J’adore ces montages de feuilles. Très créative soeur!

  4. Chantal F   •  

    C’est très beau! Quel délicatesse!
    Merci pour les liens, très intéressant. Elsa Mora est productive n’est ce pas? Inspirant tout ça!

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