iHanna’s Postcard Swap, autumn 2013

I just signed up for the new DIY postcard swap organized by iHanna; it will be my fourth participation! See the results of the first three here.

I love these swaps, they make me want to try new avenues.

Don’t hesitate to join in the swap, it’s really fun to create the 10 cards (series or not) and to receive an equal amount of surprises in the mail! Have a look at the Postcard Flickr Pool, most of the participants posted their work over there.

I hope to receive one of your creation by mail in November!

Sutton, Mountain Street

Donkey on Alderbrooke

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  1. Chantal F   •  

    C’est super ça ma Suppe!
    Montre nous ça sur Facebook!
    Elles sont vraiment belles tes cartes.
    Les chanceux et chanceuses qui vont recevoir tes belles images!

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