Installation: part I

I love the way installations and land art transform space, creating a world of their own. I thought I would share with you some images I find inspiring. There are so many that I will have to dedicate more than one post on this subject!

Gerda Steiner and Jörg Lenzlinger

It must be enchanting to spend some time in this delicate and poetic Eden made out of plastic fruits, waste papers and banana leaves (to name a few of the components used for this installation). Have you noticed that everybody has to be barefoot? Something else I like about this!

Falling Garden

Falling Garden

The Vegetative Nervous System

Regine Ramseier

Another delicate and aerial installation but with a very different atmosphere. This upside down field makes you feel like a kid again! Link found through “à petit bruit“.


Claire Morgan

A bit more dramatic, but poetic and somehow elegant. Claire Morgan created so many beautiful pieces, it was hard to choose which ones to show. Visit her site to see it all…


Gone to seed


  1. Titanik   •  

    Je trouve souvent les installations… blahhhh… J’avoue que celles-ci sont superbes. Bon choix!

    • Julie Lapointe   •  

      Il faut fouiller un peu mais quand on commence à chercher, la quantité de belles installations est impressionnante! Je ne savais plus lesquelles montrer. Je n’ai même pas encore écrit un billet sur un des mes artistes préférés qui entre dans cette catégorie, je lui réserve un billet complet!

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