Frozen. Litterally.

It started a couple of days before Christmas. The temperature rose to minus one and it started to rain, and rain, and rain. During the night, it froze. When this occurs, it’s usually followed by power failures. We were lucky that our street had to do without electricity for only one day. Others were without for a week, even when the temperature dropped to minus twenty. Continue reading…

In Montreal

Semaine 23 - c'est le printemps!
Ink on paper, 2007

in Montreal :: à Montréal

in Montreal :: à Montréal

in Montreal :: à Montréal

I get the feeling that time is going to fly by: I am in Montreal for a week and then Rouyn-Noranda (Abitibi-Témiscamingue) for a few days.

I will see you next Tuesday with a new post, until then, have a beautiful week!

Worth seeing : the ruins of Detroit captured by French photographers Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre.

Winter wonderland + March wallpaper

Snow storm :: tempête de neige

Snow storm :: tempête de neige
Our little house under the snow

Snow storm :: tempête de neige

Snow storm :: tempête de neige

Snow storm :: tempête de neige

Snow storm :: tempête de neige

These photos were taken last weekend; it was the first snow storm of the year. About time, the winter is almost over! There was (and still is) so much snow that even with our snowshoes on, the white fluffy flakes came up to our knees.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about things that make me happy. One of them was snow, lots of it. The amount that fell down must have been equivalent to the moral boost I needed!


I made you a desktop wallpaper, hope you like it!

Click on the links below, you will end up in my Picasa space. Once there, click on “download” in the top left menu. I know there are a lot more screen resolutions out there, I will export more formats next month!
Yes, I plan on making this a monthly habit.  :-)

1440 x 900px
1600 x 1200px

Vlad has got some nice wallpapers…

Flying hearts

Flying hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is an animation of flying hearts made in 2004. The music is from Éric Satie (Gnossienne No.1).

Nicolas and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I feel it is a good moment to reflect on what makes us happy.

Here is a part of my list…


*Family and friends*

*Snow, lots of it*

Position de raquette no.49

*Living here*

At home :: Chez nous


*These little creatures*



Cueillette du jour

Basilic, pavot et sandales.


*Last but certainly not least: him…*

And cooking, eating, reading, swimming, listening to music… :-)

What makes you happy?

Dots and lines




I spent the past few days in Montreal, working, catching up with friends and trying to reconnect with the city. It was also the opportunity to buy new drawing material: watercolour paper, gouache, markers and graphite crayons.

It soon will be the Festival Montréal en lumière. We like to attend the Nuit blanche, an all nighter full of free shows and exhibitions. The atmosphere is electric and there are so many happy people walking-dancing the streets of Montreal. I must admit I am always back home by two in the morning. Such a party animal!

Looking at their website, I learned that this Nuit blanche also takes place in Paris, Amiens, Kyoto, Liverpool, Skopje, Buenos Aires, etc.! Is there one in your city? If so, what does it look like?