Big Head no. 6

Big head #6 :: Grosse tête no 6

Big head #6 :: Grosse tête no 6
Acrylic, micron pen and collage on cardboard

This is Big Head number 6! Yes there were more.

I made two extra cards for iHanna’s 2012 DIY postcard swap, because I am insecure. Well, I haven’t finished the seventh one. :-)

You can have a look here at the beautiful postcards made by participants of the swap. I already received two of my five cards; I will take pictures and share them with you on the next post!

I really had a lot of fun working on this exchange and I am looking forward to participate in more swaps. Do you have some to recommend?

Early morning :: Petit matin

Thaw :: Dégel

We’ve had a couple of inches of snow during the past week, but unfortunately, it all melted during the weekend. It started to rain (grrrrrr), which means the snowshoes and skates will have to wait.

Until then, I look at this, and peace comes back in my heart…

Postcard Swap: done!

For iHanna's postcard swap

For iHanna's postcard swap

For iHanna's postcard swap

Here are my five cards for the postcard swap organized par iHanna.

Creating these was a lot of fun. I really let loose and tried new things, thanks to Carla Sonheim’s book! The techniques in Imaginary animals were very inspiring. I also had a good laugh when it was time to glue on the faces, which are slightly too big for the bodies! I wanted something a bit quirky to balance all that femininity. I am not very good at working with themes, which was Empowerment for this swap. The closest I could get was to draw women, and try to introduce a bit of exuberance, fun and boldness. The finishing touches were quotes are the back of the cards. They’re about light, dreams and the changes we want to see.

I hope they will survive their trip to the USA and United Kingdom!

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Working on the Postcard Swap


Acrylic, collage and micron pen on marouflaged paper

I have been working on the postcard swap this weekend. It’s not done yet, but I am quite happy with the results so far. I still have a week to complete these five cards!

I glued Chinese praying papers and old wrapping papers to a thick cardboard. This gave me a nice texture to start with.


And as you can see, the cats have no respect for my working space. :-)

I left for five minutes and when I came back, Belu was sleeping on my cards. Lucky I had not begun painting on them!

Whale or submarine?

Whale or submarine

My dad gave me his old geometry kit when I was studying plastic arts in college. It was used a lot during my DCS and I kept it preciously afterwards. I don’t know why, but after all these years, I felt like working with it again. I took it out of the supplies box and tried this: on top of a “semi” inkblot form, I traced curves with the guides using a pencil charcoal and smudged it a bit to soften the contours.

It came out as a strange mix of a whale and a submarine. :-)

And the winner is…

The lucky person who won Carla Sonheim’s Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals is CarrollWC. Congratulations!

Thank you to everyone who left a comment, it was a pleasure reading you and thank you to Carla for these two weeks filled with discoveries!

The weekend was busy, but I found time to play with my new liquid acrylics. I’m in the midst of testing how it reacts on different kinds of paper, when combined or superposed, etc. I think this medium will become a favourite of mine pretty quickly! The colours are bright and I can work on different layers without smudging what’s underneath.


CarrollWC est l’heureuse gagnante du tirage du livre Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals de Carla Sonheim. Félicitations!!!

Merci à tous et à toutes pour vos commentaires, ce fut un plaisir de vous lire et merci à Carla pour ces deux semaines remplies de découvertes!

La fin de semaine a été bien occupée, mais j’ai trouvé le temps de jouer avec mes nouvelles acryliques liquides. J’ai testé leur façon de réagir sur différents types de papier et lorsqu’elles sont combinées ou superposées. J’ai l’impression qu’elles vont faire partie de mes médiums favoris! Les couleurs sont lumineuses et je peux travailler en superposition sans étaler les couches précédentes.

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Acrylic and micron pen on St-Armand paper  *** Acrylique et feutre micron sur papier St-Armand

Acrylic on watercolour paper (140 lb)  *** Acrylique sur papier aquarelle (140 lb)

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To find me on Instagram, search for ladatcha *** Pour me trouver sur Instagram, cherchez ladatcha

This is what fall looks like around here, with its share of creatures (sheep, wild turkeys, horses), but I never thought I would find a monkey on our road.

Have a good week!
Voici de quoi a l’air la région en automne, avec son lot de créatures (moutons, dindons sauvages, chevaux), mais je n’aurais jamais pensé trouver un singe sur notre chemin.

Bonne semaine!


Ecoline and micron pen on paper

In need of colour *** En manque de couleur


These are the last days to enjoy the little lake; it’s getting quite cold for a swim! *** On profite des derniers jours à pouvoir se baigner dans le petit lac. L’eau commence à être un brin glaciale!


The princess and the pea *** La princesse et le petit pois