I know what you did last week…

Belu, by Simon :: Belu, par Simon

Belu, by Simon (11)

Perry, by Simon :: Perry, par Simon

Perry the platypus, by Simon (11)

Belu, by Guillaume :: Belu par Guillaume

Belu, by Guillaume (8). Belu was THE favourite inspiration for the kids during the week.



Flea market :: Marché aux puces

At the flea market

Flea market :: Marché aux puces

Asleep :: Endormi


The annual family reunion is over, after nine days under a beautiful and blazing sun. We ate, swam, went looking for mushrooms, drew, explored flea markets, etc.

Our place is suddenly very quiet and we are back to our usual routine!


Smells like Easter!

Gouache, ecoline and acrylic on paper

Our two white rabbits

I remember decorating eggs with my mother for Easter. She showed us how to blow out the egg and how to dye the shell. We then filled the empty egg with Jello! We ended up with a basket full of coloured and edible gelatin eggs.

I might just do that this year (except the Jello) and here are some inspiration and tips:

Jeana Sohn’s beautiful painted egg
Crazy EggManLand
Drilled egg shells (How is that even possible!?!)
20 Easter egg tutorials