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HES, week 23: Red


Another variation on a bird


Hello Every Sunday, Weeks 21 & 22


Black, Grey and White


HES, Week 19


Black Bird Card


DIY Postcard Swap 2017: Look What the Cat Dragged in


HES, Weeks 14 & 15


Color Chart


April’s wallpapers


Mushrooms Galore


HES, Week 12: Birds in Blue (and More)


HES Week 11


HES Week 10: Images on Words


HES, Week 9: Decorating Pottery Pieces


Hello Every Sunday: Week 8: Almost Monochromatic


Hello Every Sunday, Week 7: Plants & Animals


Hello Every Sunday: Weeks Five and Six


22 Ready to Go


Hello Every Sunday, week four!


The fishing trip


Hello Every Sunday, week one and two


Happy 2017!


Mushrooms & Whales


Ceramics, Autumn 2016




Early Christmas gift


Throw baby, throw!




Four new whales


April Challenge: Last but not least


April Challenge: Week Four, Abstracts


April Challenge: Week Three, Animal Party


April Challenge: Week Two, Seven Days of Fruits & Veggies


April Challenge: Week One


The April Challenge


Big birds


La Datcha’s new skin


Hello and welcome to La Datcha!




Happy Holidays!


iHanna’s DIY postcard swap – fall 2013


First peak a the postcards for the DIY swap


iHanna’s Postcard Swap, autumn 2013


Encased drawings


Deliquent me


Autumn in Sutton


Playing with textures and making provisions


Ever feel like you’re beeing watched?


Adventures of a Teapot