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It’s been a while…


HES, week 23: Red


Another variation on a bird


Hello Every Sunday, Weeks 21 & 22


Black, Grey and White


HES, Week 19


Black Bird Card


DIY Postcard Swap 2017: Look What the Cat Dragged in


HES, Weeks 14 & 15


Color Chart


April’s wallpapers


Mushrooms Galore


HES, Week 12: Birds in Blue (and More)


HES Week 11


HES Week 10: Images on Words


HES, Week 9: Decorating Pottery Pieces


Hello Every Sunday: Week 8: Almost Monochromatic


Hello Every Sunday, Week 7: Plants & Animals


Hello Every Sunday: Weeks Five and Six


22 Ready to Go


Hello Every Sunday, week four!


The fishing trip


Hello Every Sunday, week one and two


Happy 2017!


Mushrooms & Whales


Ceramics, Autumn 2016




Early Christmas gift


Throw baby, throw!




Four new whales


April Challenge: Last but not least


April Challenge: Week Four, Abstracts


April Challenge: Week Three, Animal Party


April Challenge: Week Two, Seven Days of Fruits & Veggies


April Challenge: Week One


The April Challenge


Big birds


La Datcha’s new skin


Hello and welcome to La Datcha!




Happy Holidays!


iHanna’s DIY postcard swap – fall 2013


First peak a the postcards for the DIY swap


iHanna’s Postcard Swap, autumn 2013


Encased drawings


Deliquent me


Autumn in Sutton


Playing with textures and making provisions


Ever feel like you’re beeing watched?