Katherine Isbister and Raynee Straus


QuickTime movies of modified video game

SimBee parodies the work of Vanessa Beecroft in a modified Sims video game. The artists have crafted Sim replicas of Beecroft's scantily-clad models, and let them loose to 'live' within a gallery space for the duration of an exhibition, encouraging the viewer to consider how issues of exploitation and voyeurism are shifted when filtered through the lens of simulation. “In keeping with our earlier Sims work, we have set the parameters of the SimBee simulation in motion but do not know the outcome prior to its unfolding in time and virtual space.”.

The QuickTime plugin is required to view Simbee on the Web.

The "live" simulation will be on view at MAWA From September 21 until October 28, 2006.

Watch the QuickTime movies