This ain’t no April Fools’ wallpaper


Is it appropriate to use a fish so close to April Fools’ Day??

This is a detail from one of the postcards created for the iHanna’s swap 2011.

You can download the wallpaper here. Hoax free, I promise!
1024 x 768px
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Time flew by this month. It’s almost April and spring is here even if it does not feel like it. Snow and hail have been falling for the past two days so imagination is required to envision the leaves and flowers that should soon be here. Our monochromatic world is about to change!

On my to-do list for the next weeks: start the seeds for this year’s vegetable garden, prepare the fiesta for our birthday party in two weeks (my boyfriend and I were born five days apart) and try to regain my focus! I haven’t had much lately so I kept it all for work.

On my creative list: I would like to combine inkblots with fine lines and/or with delicate and colourful shapes. I don’t have a particular image in mind but it would be nice to break the bold presence of an inkblot with something contrasting.

Happy Friday!

Moosewoman & the Colonizers

Ink, watercolor and marker on paper

Moosewoman & the Colonizers… Was somebody looking for the name of a band?

You might have recognized the drawing above; it started as a painted pebble. I felt compelled to draw that character again. I am not sure how to complete it yet. Three quick tests were done (the circles) to see how the blue bubble could end up like. Still thinking about it…

What would you do?


Colonizers :: Colonisateurs

I should rename this blog “Finds from the forest”. I walk a lot in these woods, so much that one of my snowshoes gave away on Saturday. The other one does not have much longer. And well, they were 14 years old! It might have helped a bit.

A pipe smoking ham


Another drawing that started as a texture test on a scrap piece of paper but turned out interesting.
Watercolour, ink, acrylic and graphite on paper

Watercolour, ink, acrylic and graphite on paper

Still using colour, but toned down.
I think I needed to make a bold move to bring in some chromatic scale in my work.

It has been a long time since I felt I was on the right track: the last time I got this impression was when I tried the inkblots. Now, there is the mix of human and animal that I really like to explore plus it includes my beloved black with the added touch of colour to make it pop…

I have been spending much more time drawing these past few days, it is a good sign!

Also, pRiyA’s book “My Shishu Stories from a children’s home and school” is finished. The kid’s paintings are stunning and touching. I especially like the portrait of Hella Mundhra, founder of the school.

Postcards for the DIY swap

Cartes, série noire
Cartes couleur
Watercolor, acrylic, japanese paper and metallic pen on paper

These are some of the postcards created for the 2011 DIY Postcard Swap, organized by iHanna.

This art exchange was a first experience and it really motivated me to experiment and to create a lot during a brief period of time. It was also an occasion to make new contacts and discover beautiful drawings and collages from other participants.

Ink blots (I’ll come back to that later on) and Chinese painting were the inspiration for the 10 postcards I had to deliver at the beginning of April.

The recipients were in USA, Netherlands, Portugal, Mexico, Canada, Lithuania, Sweden and Germany.

You can see them all and at a bigger size on Flickr.