Cattails in the snowstorm – January’s wallpaper

It’s a bit late, but here is January’s wallpaper! This a detail of the wallpaper.
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There was a beautiful snowstorm just after Christmas. Snowshoeing while all that snow was coming down was so much fun! The image above is one of the many photos I took during our hike. The poor cattails got their plush messed up with all that wind!

It has been a while since I posted, here are some of the things I have been working on in the last weeks:

Big head no 7

A new series of Big Heads, this is no 7.

Green pebbles

Painted pebbles

Upcoming vampire

Upcoming vampire

And a new creature is on the way.

What have you been up to?

Happy New Year!

November’s Wallpaper

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This fish was part of a series for iHanna’s DIY postcard swap 2011.

At that time, I borrowed a book on sumi-e at the library and it was so inspiring! …And much more difficult than it seems. It’s not easy to restrain yourself to what’s essential.

“The aim of sumi-e is to create a simplified painting, traditionally motifs from nature, with elementary brush strokes to capture the basic perception. Painting is a form of meditation, which brings the artist inner gratification, release and feeling of harmony. If the finished painting brings positive feelings also to an audience, then meaning of creation is fulfilled.” Excerpt from

I was too focused on the technique to fully enjoy the benefits of sumi-e, but I can easily imagine the sensation of calm you might feel if you practice this art on a regular basis.

Have you ever tried it?

Zhu Da here and here, Fabienne Verdier

October’s wallpapers

October's wallpaer

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1920 x 1440 –  2560 x 1440

October is already here. Fall has slowly spread its colours all around, but they have exploded in the past few days. Since autumn is such a beautiful season, here is a second wallpaper, in case you don’t want to miss a second of it!


C’est déjà octobre. Les couleurs de l’automne se sont doucement pointées le bout du nez, mais depuis quelques jours, c’est l’explosion! Étant donné que l’automne est LA plus belle saison, voici un deuxième fond d’écran, au cas où vous seriez du genre à vouloir en profiter jusqu’au bout!

October's Wallpaper

320 x 2401024 x 1024 –  1440 x 900 –  1680 x 1050 –  1920 x 1440

Carla Sonheim’s new book is out : Drawing and painting imaginary animals. She has a two-week blog celebration with book and art giveaways, animal related tutorials and assignments. Don’t miss it out, there is less than one week left!


Le tout nouveau livre de Carla Sonheim Drawing and painting imaginary animals est maintenant disponible. L’auteure célèbre l’événement sur son blogue avec des tirages au sort du livre, de nouveaux tutoriels, et ce jusqu’au samedi 6 octobre. Profitez-en!

Beasts: deconstructed + August’s wallpaper

Beasts: deconstructed :: Bêtes déconstruites

Three new beasts for my bestiary, I hope I remember which part goes where when it’s time to glue things up!  **********   Trois nouvelles créatures pour mon bestiaire, j’espère me rappeler la bonne combinaison de pièces quand il sera temps de tout coller!

August's wallpaper :: Papier peint du mois d'août

August’s wallpaper ***** Papier peint du mois d’août
1440 x 900 –  320 x 480 –  1920 x 1440 –  1280 x 1024

Sans titre

Sans titre

Sans titre

Have a good week!  ***** Bonne semaine!

Dan Cretu, Ryan Peltier