Tea cups, La Datcha

We had to move back to Montreal last October. I much prefer the countryside to the city, but I tried my best at seeing the positive sides, like living closer to friends and family, getting a lot more choices for all sorts of services, and also, access to ceramic classes with almost daily free periods in the workshop.

Here are a few pieces that came out of the spring session.


Bisqued pieces
Bisqued pieces, before glazing

Ceramics, by La Datcha
Glaze + final firing

Tea cups, La Datcha
Matte white glaze and transparent glaze on speckled clay

Coffee cup, La Datcha
Scratched matte black glaze on speckled clay

Coffee cup, La Datcha

Coffee cup, La Datcha
Rutile glaze on speckled clay; the bisque was partly soaked in water before being dipped in the glaze.

Coffee cup, La Datcha

Heureux lapin

Roupie and Belu
Countryside or city; some things never change.
















La Datcha’s new skin

Floating and leaves

I decided to start this year with a new skin and a slightly different organization for my blog. Cordonnier mal chaussé we say in French (poorly shod shoemaker): I spend so much time working on other people’s websites that I didn’t feel the urge to spend my evenings modifying mine. But at the same time, it hurt my eyes every time I looked at it. Now it’s almost done; it just needs a few more tweaks. I hope you’ll feel comfortable in this new ride!

The changes are not radically different; I quite like the conventional navigation of this type of blog, but I wanted something that had a bit more “space”. A good category cleanup was also on my to do list, plus a new page “Work” to keep track of what I consider important steps in my creation process.

Apart from programming, when I did sit down at the drawing table, it was to experiment with color and to play around with recycled bits that have been waiting in a box with other leftovers. I had planned to use the leaves in a collage for the DIY iHanna’s postcard swap, but they didn’t fit in. I haven’t found exactly what to do with these, but it was fun to arrange them in various montages.




Roupie the Mittens

I know it’s a bit late for this, but I wish you a fantastic 2014! I hope this year will be fulfilling and inspiring.

Makoto Kagoshima‘s beautiful ceramics
Naoko Serino‘s intriguing sculptures made out of fiber

A new kid on the block


This is Alphonse… Passion: radioactive chocolate.
Voici Alphonse… Passion : chocolat radioactif.

Like a 50's portrait

Like an old 1950’s portrait
À la façon d’un portrait des années 50

Sans titre

Cats have a slinky in place of a spine!
Les chats ont un slinky à la place d’une colonne vertébrale!

I love these remakes / j’adore ces interprétations :
The girl with a pearl earring, Weeping Woman and The two Fridas and much more!

Adventures in my own backyard


Cauliflowers are getting bigger and “pinker”.



Frogs are taking refuge under the lettuces and zucchini plants.


Cosmos at high noon


Roupie is working his magic on a bamboo shoot.


Kale right off the garden: in the tabbouleh with nasturtium flowers


I am trying something new: no, not gonna eat the CelluClay with the rapini! This was bought during one of my lasts trips to Montreal; it is a mix of cellulose and clay. I tried mixing it with more or less water to see how it turns out once dry, which should take about 24 hours. I heard that it can be sanded and painted, can’t wait to play with it!

The inspiration behind the title of this post: the album Adventures in your own backyard (Patrick Watson). It has been playing a lot around here these past few weeks!

And to finish off this post: I was spending some “quality time” (read go to bed too late) on internet last night, trying to find out more information about Patrick Watson when I stumbled upon this video. It is set up in Abitibi, Destor and Rouyn-Noranda to be more precise. It does not depict the town on its best side but it is really touching, maybe because Rouyn is where I spent most of my childhood? The stories of mister Morasse* are delightful and so is the relationship between him and P. Watson. To all of you who saw that impromptu show near the train tracks: I am so jealous!
*Morasse poutine (fast food) is kind of an institution in Rouyn-Noranda.




It is now a diptych! But not done yet. *** Un diptyque en cours de route.


Noémie picking daisies *** Noémie cueillant des marguerites


Digitalis (Foxglove) *** Digitale

Summer office :: bureau d'été

The summer studio/office — furry accessory not included — where all the work is done these days.
Have a good weekend and bonne Saint-Jean* les Québécois!

* For Quebecers, St-Jean is equivalent to the Fourth of July…


L’atelier/bureau d’été — accessoire poilu non inclus — où tout le travail se fait ces jours-ci.
Bonne fin de semaine et bonne Saint-Jean!

Summer studio :-)

summer studio :: atelier d'été

summer studio :: atelier d'été

We are almost done installing our outside dining & living room/work space/summer studio. I will show you more pictures later. As long as the temperature allows it, I will work outside, well protected under the screen house tent! The cats/foremen seem to approve of the new space; Roupie has already used it many times as a napping ground.


I am becoming an iPhone addict…
Six years ago, I bought a refurbished Blackberry Dinosaurus. It must have been the dullest phone you have ever seen and it was used mainly as an answering machine. About a month ago, I felt it was time to switch for an iPhone. After all, a website programmer has to test on the real thing! I barely had time to play with it until last week but I think I am already hooked! All those camera apps (among other things) are really addictive.

Emanuele Kabu