HES, Week 9: Decorating Pottery Pieces

Painted pottery pieces, ready for the second firing

Black underglaze on clay #910 (semi-porcelain) and #542 (light grey)


Eight pieces done, 20 more or so to do!

These are for this week’s Hello Every Sunday. You can see the first eight weeks on the project’s blog at helloeverysunday.tumblr.com.

I’m back to black, since that’s the only underglaze in my studio for the moment. You may recognize the big mushroom in the plate from a previous drawing. This time, I tried a variation with the negative space.


Since becoming an iPhone user, I have developed a couple of addictions, like Instagram. I have found it to be an endless source of inspiration.

Like the beautiful photos from @Wattland, especially two wasps that I can’t get out of my mind. Her photos are a perfect mix of texture, blur and light. They seem to be moving very delicately.

Ecoline and ink on paper

It looks like I am creating an army of insects: it’s only my attempts to capture the essence of Wattland’s pictures. I am not there yet, but this challenge has stimulated me! I have to find a way to render this. I hope I will be able to show you a satisfying end result soon!

Sans titre

Boletus :: Bolet

Do you recognize this?

Morel :: Morille

Morels :: Morilles

It’s morel time!!!

Nicolas found these two beauties near our house on Tuesday. We were hoping to find more but not luck. We came back with cat food and a lemon pie!

Still, we had “leftover” dried morels from last year so Nico cooked something delicious: pasta with a morel sauce (dried and fresh). The day was saved.


C’est le temps des morilles!

Nicolas a trouvé ces deux petites merveilles près de la maison mardi dernier. On espérait en cueillir plus le lendemain mais la chasse fut infructueuse… Nous sommes revenus avec de la nourriture pour chat et une tarte au citron.

La journée n’a tout de même pas été perdue… Nico nous a préparé quelque chose de délicieux : des pâtes aux morilles fraîches et ce qui nous restait de morilles séchées!

Nature is awakening but Snow White is still sleeping




Nature is slowly awakening; you can see spots of green here and there. Snow has almost all melted away so Roupie the Mittens decided to join us for our walks in the forest.

And Belu still spends most of his days sleeping. We shall rename him Snow White.


graphite on paper

These are sketches for an upcoming drawing… A special request from Nicolas!

Take a look at Claire Desjardins’ vibrant colours on MocoLoco…

See you on Friday!

Moosewoman & the Colonizers

Ink, watercolor and marker on paper

Moosewoman & the Colonizers… Was somebody looking for the name of a band?

You might have recognized the drawing above; it started as a painted pebble. I felt compelled to draw that character again. I am not sure how to complete it yet. Three quick tests were done (the circles) to see how the blue bubble could end up like. Still thinking about it…

What would you do?


Colonizers :: Colonisateurs

I should rename this blog “Finds from the forest”. I walk a lot in these woods, so much that one of my snowshoes gave away on Saturday. The other one does not have much longer. And well, they were 14 years old! It might have helped a bit.

A pipe smoking ham