Since becoming an iPhone user, I have developed a couple of addictions, like Instagram. I have found it to be an endless source of inspiration.

Like the beautiful photos from @Wattland, especially two wasps that I can’t get out of my mind. Her photos are a perfect mix of texture, blur and light. They seem to be moving very delicately.

Ecoline and ink on paper

It looks like I am creating an army of insects: it’s only my attempts to capture the essence of Wattland’s pictures. I am not there yet, but this challenge has stimulated me! I have to find a way to render this. I hope I will be able to show you a satisfying end result soon!

Sans titre

Boletus :: Bolet


Ecoline and micron pen on paper

In need of colour *** En manque de couleur


These are the last days to enjoy the little lake; it’s getting quite cold for a swim! *** On profite des derniers jours à pouvoir se baigner dans le petit lac. L’eau commence à être un brin glaciale!


The princess and the pea *** La princesse et le petit pois




This one knows everything about farniente.


Baby cauliflower!


Sweet peas are flowering. Nature is so elegant!

Still working on it

Still working on this piece and it’s going to have a blue brother…

With a little blue brother

Our weekend looked like this: flower picking, gardening, a father’s day dinner, badminton and craft activities with the nephew and niece plus a bit of farniente.

What about you?

How cool is that tree house?
And this building?

A party on our little lake

Brown Paper Bag's Collage Scraps Exchange

The composition above is my end result for the Brown Paper Bag’s Collage Scrap Exchange. It had been a while since I made a collage and had forgotten how hard it can be! So many choices… I tried a lot of combinations but ended up with a simple montage on black paper.

Brown Paper Bag's Collage Scraps Exchange
What I received by mail

Not interested by what is happening in his back

This is what was in his back

Roupie was trying to ignore the honkers’ (Canada geese) party going on in his back. There were four families of these birds on the little lake this morning!

Going to the village
Going to the village

Have a good weekend!

My big scared monster and how inkblots saved his life

ours- La Datcha

Ink on paper

The kind of monster that hides under the bed.

It looks like me when I started drawing again: paralyzed, hit by the white page syndrome. My hands – and mostly my head – did not remember how to proceed. I was wondering how to get out of that impasse when I remembered the inkblot technique. It is used in psychoanalysis but it can also give you a hand in terms of creativity!

My adapted method (or absence of it!) is simple: you wet the paper, drop big or small amounts of ink and see what happens.

I sometimes find a beast hiding somewhere: bird, bear, fish… If not, I just play around with the shape, add texture and try to give it depth by adding or subtracting ink (wet the paper in some areas and dab gently with an absorbent paper). Working white on black is also permitted!

I’ve been “inking” this way for a few months. I can now control a little part of what happens by using more or less water on the paper or by directing the brush a certain way when I drop the ink, but my subconscious still do most of the work. And that’s fine that way. For now.

La Datcha inkblots
Ink and acrylic on paper

I will leave you with a few pictures from around where I live (the forest at the back and the small lake in front of our house).

Have a good weekend!



An introduction

As a first post, here is a little bit about me and this blog…

About La Datcha

The “young” years

My name is Julie. I was born in Montreal (Canada) but I grew up in Abitibi, Douala (Africa) and the Laurentians, just to name a few! As you can guess, my parents liked to travel. It seems that I inherited the gene, at least for a while since I traveled on my own for a year in Australia, followed by a few months in Europe and then went on to explore different places in Quebec. I have now more of less settled down.

The “not so young” years

My boyfriend and I currently rent a little house in the Eastern Townships; our backyard consists of hundreds of acres of wood, and a little frog friendly lake in front of the house. The place is really peaceful and quiet, which is quite a change after so many years in Montreal.

Au chalet : à potron-minet
The frog friendly lake in question

This new place was the perfect spot to get back to what I used to do most: drawing and creating objects. I had never completely stopped, but since computers came into my life, creation had switched into a virtual mode.

As far as I can remember, I have always felt the need to create things. Drawings and objects as a kid and later on photography, modelage, prints, furniture recycling, etc. One of my first memories is making tiny boats out of nut shells.

Studies and work

I studied Fine Arts in Saint-Jérôme and Montreal. My interest for multimedia came later on and I completed a degree in Rouyn-Noranda followed by another one in Montreal. I have worked as an artist’s assistant, as a shop decorator (mostly murals) and as an art project manager. I also had very boring jobs that were fast forgotten. Since 2001, I work as a website designer at Datcha Web, my company.

Other interests

When I’m not sitting in front of the computer or staring at a blank sheet of paper, I like to spend time in the vegetable garden. I love to grow heirloom varieties of tomatoes, peppers, eggplants, etc. for their weird shapes, colors and taste. I also read a lot and in an effort not to turn into a potato couch/computer, I swim, run, bike, snowshoe or cross-country ski. Cooking also consumes a good part of my days, so does eating.

And in conclusion…

This site will be a journal about my journey back into a not so virtual creation. You will probably find here a little bit of my daily life, the things that inspire me and what comes out of it.

I appreciate feedback so if you wish to leave comments you can do so in French, English or Spanish (not really fluent in Spanish but it will be good practice!)


You can also find me at: (my job as a website designer) (Flickr account)