Moose with a polka dot tail

Moose with a polka dot tail
Acrylic and ink on St-Armand paper

This is my first participation at Illustration Friday!
This week’s topic is Tall.
Some people feel a bit uneasy being very tall; this moose might be one of them. Or he finds that his coat resemble long johns?

Moose with a polka dot tail

Not in the city :: Pas dans la ville

Not in the city :: Pas dans la ville

The photos above are in continuity with my sister’s Not in the woods series on Instagram. She started taking pictures of her shoes at work, someone else followed her lead and then invited me to contribute. My sister had to tell her that I actually live and work “in the woods” and that I don’t even own a pair of high heels. Anyway, I rose to the challenge but with the title Not in the city. Two down, one more to go!

To find me on Instagram, search for ladatcha!
My sister is Titanike and the third participant is Val_GG.

Not in the city :: Pas dans la ville

Two artists found on Illustration Friday:
Marina Muun and Daniel Ursache

Beasts: deconstructed + August’s wallpaper

Beasts: deconstructed :: Bêtes déconstruites

Three new beasts for my bestiary, I hope I remember which part goes where when it’s time to glue things up!  **********   Trois nouvelles créatures pour mon bestiaire, j’espère me rappeler la bonne combinaison de pièces quand il sera temps de tout coller!

August's wallpaper :: Papier peint du mois d'août

August’s wallpaper ***** Papier peint du mois d’août
1440 x 900 –  320 x 480 –  1920 x 1440 –  1280 x 1024

Sans titre

Sans titre

Sans titre

Have a good week!  ***** Bonne semaine!

Dan Cretu, Ryan Peltier

Moosewoman & the Colonizers

Ink, watercolor and marker on paper

Moosewoman & the Colonizers… Was somebody looking for the name of a band?

You might have recognized the drawing above; it started as a painted pebble. I felt compelled to draw that character again. I am not sure how to complete it yet. Three quick tests were done (the circles) to see how the blue bubble could end up like. Still thinking about it…

What would you do?


Colonizers :: Colonisateurs

I should rename this blog “Finds from the forest”. I walk a lot in these woods, so much that one of my snowshoes gave away on Saturday. The other one does not have much longer. And well, they were 14 years old! It might have helped a bit.

A pipe smoking ham