Ceramics, Autumn 2016

Ceramics Fall 2016

Went to get these yesterday at a Studio in Montreal where they kindly fire my stuff.

La Datcha's ceramics

I didn’t know what to expect with that grapevine glaze, but I’m quite happy with the result. The rest was simply glazed with a transparent coat. Most of the pieces were left naked on the outside.

Ceramics Fall 2016

And I’ve started experimenting with underglaze (pencil and liquid). They should be fired next weekend! :-)

Ceramics Fall 2016

Still need a green pick-me-up? Trombocino zucchini and Italian dandelion from this summer.

Trombocino and Italian dandelion


Nephews in the litte lake

Antoine is showing Noémie how to strech

Simon is goofing around in the hammock


This is the week when my boyfriend’s family is gathering, just like last year and the year before, etc. Combined with work, there is little time left for drawing but there should be the “rock painting” activity this year as well. We have already collected pebbles from the area. The weather has been beautiful up to now, so mushroom hunting and swimming have been top on the list but I can feel that craft time is approaching!

Adventures in my own backyard


Cauliflowers are getting bigger and “pinker”.



Frogs are taking refuge under the lettuces and zucchini plants.


Cosmos at high noon


Roupie is working his magic on a bamboo shoot.


Kale right off the garden: in the tabbouleh with nasturtium flowers


I am trying something new: no, not gonna eat the CelluClay with the rapini! This was bought during one of my lasts trips to Montreal; it is a mix of cellulose and clay. I tried mixing it with more or less water to see how it turns out once dry, which should take about 24 hours. I heard that it can be sanded and painted, can’t wait to play with it!

The inspiration behind the title of this post: the album Adventures in your own backyard (Patrick Watson). It has been playing a lot around here these past few weeks!

And to finish off this post: I was spending some “quality time” (read go to bed too late) on internet last night, trying to find out more information about Patrick Watson when I stumbled upon this video. It is set up in Abitibi, Destor and Rouyn-Noranda to be more precise. It does not depict the town on its best side but it is really touching, maybe because Rouyn is where I spent most of my childhood? The stories of mister Morasse* are delightful and so is the relationship between him and P. Watson. To all of you who saw that impromptu show near the train tracks: I am so jealous!
*Morasse poutine (fast food) is kind of an institution in Rouyn-Noranda.

Summer colours


Ecoline, ink and micron pen on paper

Summer studio

Lettuces from our vegetable garden

Greens from the vegetable garden

Summer colours are officially in!
– In my work
– In our outdoor studio/office
– In our food

Spring and summer land art from Walter Mason

I have almost completed July’s wallpaper, it will be ready for tomorrow.


Les couleurs d’été explosent un peu partout!
– Dans mon travail
– Dans notre bureau/studio extérieur
– Dans notre assiette

Walter Mason : land art printemps/été

Le fond d’écran du mois de juillet est presque terminé, il sera en ligne demain!





This one knows everything about farniente.


Baby cauliflower!


Sweet peas are flowering. Nature is so elegant!

Still working on it

Still working on this piece and it’s going to have a blue brother…

With a little blue brother

Our weekend looked like this: flower picking, gardening, a father’s day dinner, badminton and craft activities with the nephew and niece plus a bit of farniente.

What about you?

How cool is that tree house?
And this building?

In progress…

In progress
Ecoline, ink and graphite on paper, work in progress…

Kale from last autumn
Some of the kale seeds survived winter

Sweet pea and Roupie
Sweet peas are emerging and Roupie the Mittens is making his rounds.


A lot of things that were dormant are starting to awaken.
Summers are short around here so nature is in a hurry!
It won’t be long before colour pops everywhere.

The rainettes (tree frogs) have been singing every night for the past weeks. You can’t imagine a more beautiful concert. I have just recorded their song, you can hear it over here
And this is the song of the grenouille taureau (bullfrog). Some of them hang out in a pond not too far from our house; I think I prefer the sweet voices of the rainettes!

What is your favourite concert?

Turnip lady

Semaine 36 : thème libre
Ink, ecoline and paper on paper, 2008

We spent the past three days in Montreal, in part to celebrate our birthdays (Nicolas’, his twin sister’s and mine), but also because we have to start packing. We have kept our apartment in the city as long as possible while living in the countryside but now it is time to make the move. We will be staying full time in the Eastern Townships!

I feel a bit sad to leave this place even if I love the countryside. We have lived in this apartment for a long time. So many memories are associated with this place, including a LOT of dinners with friends and family. I hope the new tenants will appreciate this space as much as we did.

We still have a few weeks before vacating the apartment, until then it will be sorting, sorting, sorting, getting rid of (how much stuff can someone accumulate in twelve years?) and packing.

Here are a few picks of the garden in Montreal, when it gets out of control!

jungle du mois d'août

jungle du mois d'août

jungle du mois d'août

Flying hearts

Flying hearts

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Here is an animation of flying hearts made in 2004. The music is from Éric Satie (Gnossienne No.1).

Nicolas and I don’t really celebrate Valentine’s Day, but I feel it is a good moment to reflect on what makes us happy.

Here is a part of my list…


*Family and friends*

*Snow, lots of it*

Position de raquette no.49

*Living here*

At home :: Chez nous


*These little creatures*



Cueillette du jour

Basilic, pavot et sandales.


*Last but certainly not least: him…*

And cooking, eating, reading, swimming, listening to music… :-)

What makes you happy?