A walk on Mount Sutton

Work in progress

Work in progress…

Sans titre

Sans titre

Sans titre

We took a walk on Mount Sutton this weekend, which is near to our house. We must have tried at least five times to explore the “dos de l’orignal” path (moose’s back) in the past two years and we had to turn back every time: hunting season, bears’ mating season, too many people, path closed to give the flora a chance to regenerate, etc.  But last Sunday, we were finally able to hike on this part of the mountain. We enjoyed the walk even more since it was our 15th anniversary!

Nature is awakening but Snow White is still sleeping




Nature is slowly awakening; you can see spots of green here and there. Snow has almost all melted away so Roupie the Mittens decided to join us for our walks in the forest.

And Belu still spends most of his days sleeping. We shall rename him Snow White.


graphite on paper

These are sketches for an upcoming drawing… A special request from Nicolas!

Take a look at Claire Desjardins’ vibrant colours on MocoLoco…

See you on Friday!

Moosewoman & the Colonizers

Ink, watercolor and marker on paper

Moosewoman & the Colonizers… Was somebody looking for the name of a band?

You might have recognized the drawing above; it started as a painted pebble. I felt compelled to draw that character again. I am not sure how to complete it yet. Three quick tests were done (the circles) to see how the blue bubble could end up like. Still thinking about it…

What would you do?


Colonizers :: Colonisateurs

I should rename this blog “Finds from the forest”. I walk a lot in these woods, so much that one of my snowshoes gave away on Saturday. The other one does not have much longer. And well, they were 14 years old! It might have helped a bit.

A pipe smoking ham

Pink cheeks

For the first time this winter, there was enough snow to put on our snowshoes.  :-)
The temperature dropped down to minus 20°C, we ended up with pink cheeks!


I don’t think you have ever met the camera shy Belu, a stray cat just like Roupie who found his way to our house. Belu can sense when I am about to grab my camera. He then flies away or make funny faces.