Do you recognize this?

Morel :: Morille

Morels :: Morilles

It’s morel time!!!

Nicolas found these two beauties near our house on Tuesday. We were hoping to find more but not luck. We came back with cat food and a lemon pie!

Still, we had “leftover” dried morels from last year so Nico cooked something delicious: pasta with a morel sauce (dried and fresh). The day was saved.


C’est le temps des morilles!

Nicolas a trouvé ces deux petites merveilles près de la maison mardi dernier. On espérait en cueillir plus le lendemain mais la chasse fut infructueuse… Nous sommes revenus avec de la nourriture pour chat et une tarte au citron.

La journée n’a tout de même pas été perdue… Nico nous a préparé quelque chose de délicieux : des pâtes aux morilles fraîches et ce qui nous restait de morilles séchées!


A guilty racoon
Acrylic on paper

Drawing on stones has kind of forced me out of inkblots.
I feel a little more confident in front a white sheet of paper and I am curious to see where it will lead.



It was my sister’s birthday party on Saturday. It felt good to spend the night with family and friends plus the food was delicious!

Fruit and vegetable papyrus

Food you inhale, I hope the world never comes to this!

Edible food installations by Jennifer Rubell: Rubell asks you to engage in a simultaneously creative and destructive act, continually altering the physicality of each installation by touching, drinking, and eating it. You can and must interact with these installations in order to have a meal.
Is that your kind of exhibition as well?!?

A natural progression

I got sucked into programming this weekend, no time for drawing. Too bad since I had bought some very nice pastel crayons to draw on pebbles. Still, I escaped half an hour here and there. Here are some pictures, hopping from one subject to another in a natural food minded progression.

Saturday’s picking in the vegetable garden

This funky looking vegetable is a summer squash (Trombocino). It taste a little bit like wild hazelnuts and it keeps firm when cooked.
un manège à la Ronde!

The strange yellow ball is a Lemon cucumber, but it tastes nothing like lemon.

Well, the next image is not from this Saturday’s mushroom picking, I forgot to take a picture, but it was the same family: Hydnum repandum (Hedgehog mushroom). This is one of my favourites. Nicolas cooked it perfectly, as usual!
Une orgie de pieds de mouton, pour Nico

The result: these very nice entrees for our 14th anniversary.

And now that we are talking seriously (mushroom), here is a beautiful print that we received a couple of years ago:

Fairy Ring from Amy RossFairy Ring, Amy Ross

It reigns in our kitchen and we are always happy (and a little hungry) when we look at it.