Three things that made me happy last week

Finally got my copy! :-)  ::  J'ai enfin reçu ma copie!

1. I finally received my copy of the book Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals! The first one got lost in the mail. I love it and can’t wait to try the “Creatures on wood” and the artist’s book projects.

1. J’ai finalement reçu ma copie du livre Drawing and Painting Imaginary Animals! La première a été égarée quelque part entre la maison d’édition et mon bout de campagne. Je l’adore et j’ai très hâte d’essayer les projets “Créatures sur bois” et le livre d’artiste.

New batch of pebbles to paint :: Nouvelle cargaison de galets à peindre

2. My friend Marc brought back more pebbles from Gaspésie, a bowl full of experiments is awaiting! See a few examples here, here and there of what I have done with the first batch.
Of course, the forecats had to “inspect” it.

2. Mon ami Marc m’a rapporté de nouveaux galets de Gaspésie. J’aurai l’occasion de tester de nouvelles choses! Vous trouverez quelques exemples ici, ici et de ce que j’ai fait avec le premier lot.
Bien entendu, les chats contremaîtres ont ressenti le besoin d’inspecter le nouvel arrivage.

Birthday party :: Anniversaire

3. We celebrated my goofy sister’s birthday this weekend. Good friends, good food, good time!

3. Nous avons célébré l’anniversaire de ma rigolote de sœur. Bons amis, bonne bouffe, bon temps!

Sans titre

And after three days in Montreal, I am back to our little quiet place in the countryside.

De retour dans notre tranquille coin de campagne après trois jours à Montréal…

I know what you did last week…

Belu, by Simon :: Belu, par Simon

Belu, by Simon (11)

Perry, by Simon :: Perry, par Simon

Perry the platypus, by Simon (11)

Belu, by Guillaume :: Belu par Guillaume

Belu, by Guillaume (8). Belu was THE favourite inspiration for the kids during the week.



Flea market :: Marché aux puces

At the flea market

Flea market :: Marché aux puces

Asleep :: Endormi


The annual family reunion is over, after nine days under a beautiful and blazing sun. We ate, swam, went looking for mushrooms, drew, explored flea markets, etc.

Our place is suddenly very quiet and we are back to our usual routine!



Nephews in the litte lake

Antoine is showing Noémie how to strech

Simon is goofing around in the hammock


This is the week when my boyfriend’s family is gathering, just like last year and the year before, etc. Combined with work, there is little time left for drawing but there should be the “rock painting” activity this year as well. We have already collected pebbles from the area. The weather has been beautiful up to now, so mushroom hunting and swimming have been top on the list but I can feel that craft time is approaching!

A road trip and a party!

All those beautiful photos were taken by my sister Anik. I think I will hire her to take pictures for my blog!

I spent a week in Montreal followed by four days in Abitibi at my father’s house where there was a surprise birthday + retirement party for Suzanne, my step mom. And a brunch, and a dinner, etc.!  On the last picture, you can see her present: a beautiful painting from Ariane Ouellet. Looking at it, you feel like a bubble finding its way up in the water. The movement in it is very graceful, light and uplifting. Ariane is an artist living and working in Abitibi-Témiscamingue. You can see more of her work over here.

It was also the first time that my sister and I drove to Abitibi, all alone like grownups! We usually take the bus or are passengers with friends or family. It is a seven hour drive to get to Rouyn from Montreal. The temperature was ideal for a long drive except for that tiny snow storm that showed up an hour before we arrived at our destination.

I had a great time but it feels so good to be back home again. I feel the need to take a long walk in the forest and to draw. Those two things keep me grounded and a bit more “zen”!



A guilty racoon
Acrylic on paper

Drawing on stones has kind of forced me out of inkblots.
I feel a little more confident in front a white sheet of paper and I am curious to see where it will lead.



It was my sister’s birthday party on Saturday. It felt good to spend the night with family and friends plus the food was delicious!

Fruit and vegetable papyrus

Food you inhale, I hope the world never comes to this!

Edible food installations by Jennifer Rubell: Rubell asks you to engage in a simultaneously creative and destructive act, continually altering the physicality of each installation by touching, drinking, and eating it. You can and must interact with these installations in order to have a meal.
Is that your kind of exhibition as well?!?