iHanna’s DIY postcard swap spring 2013

Cards for iHanna's DIY postcard swap spring 2013

Cards for iHanna's DIY postcard swap spring 2013

Cards for iHanna's DIY postcard swap spring 2013

Cards for iHanna's DIY postcard swap spring 2013

Cards for iHanna's DIY postcard swap spring 2013

Cards for iHanna's DIY postcard swap spring 2013
Acrylic and pencil on paper/cardboard

I have made myself discreet for the past months, but I am still here! The beginning of the year was a bit rough and I needed a pause. Now what better than a swap to get back in the saddle!

Thanks to iHanna who takes the time to organize these at least twice a year. This is my third participation (first here and second here).

This time I used the back of old paper pads and glued on cold pressed paper. Cheerful colors, black shaped animals and plants were featured in this series.

Steps in making the postcards

Steps in making the postcards

Whale or submarine?

Whale or submarine

My dad gave me his old geometry kit when I was studying plastic arts in college. It was used a lot during my DCS and I kept it preciously afterwards. I don’t know why, but after all these years, I felt like working with it again. I took it out of the supplies box and tried this: on top of a “semi” inkblot form, I traced curves with the guides using a pencil charcoal and smudged it a bit to soften the contours.

It came out as a strange mix of a whale and a submarine. :-)


Ecoline and micron pen on paper

In need of colour *** En manque de couleur


These are the last days to enjoy the little lake; it’s getting quite cold for a swim! *** On profite des derniers jours à pouvoir se baigner dans le petit lac. L’eau commence à être un brin glaciale!


The princess and the pea *** La princesse et le petit pois

Summer colours


Ecoline, ink and micron pen on paper

Summer studio

Lettuces from our vegetable garden

Greens from the vegetable garden

Summer colours are officially in!
– In my work
– In our outdoor studio/office
– In our food

Spring and summer land art from Walter Mason

I have almost completed July’s wallpaper, it will be ready for tomorrow.


Les couleurs d’été explosent un peu partout!
– Dans mon travail
– Dans notre bureau/studio extérieur
– Dans notre assiette

Walter Mason : land art printemps/été

Le fond d’écran du mois de juillet est presque terminé, il sera en ligne demain!





It is now a diptych! But not done yet. *** Un diptyque en cours de route.


Noémie picking daisies *** Noémie cueillant des marguerites


Digitalis (Foxglove) *** Digitale

Summer office :: bureau d'été

The summer studio/office — furry accessory not included — where all the work is done these days.
Have a good weekend and bonne Saint-Jean* les Québécois!

* For Quebecers, St-Jean is equivalent to the Fourth of July…


L’atelier/bureau d’été — accessoire poilu non inclus — où tout le travail se fait ces jours-ci.
Bonne fin de semaine et bonne Saint-Jean!

In progress…

In progress
Ecoline, ink and graphite on paper, work in progress…

Kale from last autumn
Some of the kale seeds survived winter

Sweet pea and Roupie
Sweet peas are emerging and Roupie the Mittens is making his rounds.


A lot of things that were dormant are starting to awaken.
Summers are short around here so nature is in a hurry!
It won’t be long before colour pops everywhere.

The rainettes (tree frogs) have been singing every night for the past weeks. You can’t imagine a more beautiful concert. I have just recorded their song, you can hear it over here
And this is the song of the grenouille taureau (bullfrog). Some of them hang out in a pond not too far from our house; I think I prefer the sweet voices of the rainettes!

What is your favourite concert?

This ain’t no April Fools’ wallpaper


Is it appropriate to use a fish so close to April Fools’ Day??

This is a detail from one of the postcards created for the iHanna’s swap 2011.

You can download the wallpaper here. Hoax free, I promise!
1024 x 768px
, 1440 x 900px, 1600 x 1200px

Time flew by this month. It’s almost April and spring is here even if it does not feel like it. Snow and hail have been falling for the past two days so imagination is required to envision the leaves and flowers that should soon be here. Our monochromatic world is about to change!

On my to-do list for the next weeks: start the seeds for this year’s vegetable garden, prepare the fiesta for our birthday party in two weeks (my boyfriend and I were born five days apart) and try to regain my focus! I haven’t had much lately so I kept it all for work.

On my creative list: I would like to combine inkblots with fine lines and/or with delicate and colourful shapes. I don’t have a particular image in mind but it would be nice to break the bold presence of an inkblot with something contrasting.

Happy Friday!