First peak a the postcards for the DIY swap

First peak at the postcards for the DIY swap

I started to work on the postcards for the swap during the weekend; therefore, they’re a little bit Halloween inspired! This time, it’s acrylic and collage on paper pages from an old book. I like the way they add texture and rhythm to the cards.

Paper leaves

The first thing I did was to paint and cut these paper leaves, but they did not fit on the test card. My idea did not come out as planned and I had to start over twice, with an end result that was completely different from what I had in mind.

Green bird

Red bird

I also had fun with the leaves I collected a few weeks back.

Elsa Mora just launched a brand new blog about papercutting, and it’s already filled with lots of beautiful artworks!

Postcard Swap: done!

For iHanna's postcard swap

For iHanna's postcard swap

For iHanna's postcard swap

Here are my five cards for the postcard swap organized par iHanna.

Creating these was a lot of fun. I really let loose and tried new things, thanks to Carla Sonheim’s book! The techniques in Imaginary animals were very inspiring. I also had a good laugh when it was time to glue on the faces, which are slightly too big for the bodies! I wanted something a bit quirky to balance all that femininity. I am not very good at working with themes, which was Empowerment for this swap. The closest I could get was to draw women, and try to introduce a bit of exuberance, fun and boldness. The finishing touches were quotes are the back of the cards. They’re about light, dreams and the changes we want to see.

I hope they will survive their trip to the USA and United Kingdom!

Sans titre

A party on our little lake

Brown Paper Bag's Collage Scraps Exchange

The composition above is my end result for the Brown Paper Bag’s Collage Scrap Exchange. It had been a while since I made a collage and had forgotten how hard it can be! So many choices… I tried a lot of combinations but ended up with a simple montage on black paper.

Brown Paper Bag's Collage Scraps Exchange
What I received by mail

Not interested by what is happening in his back

This is what was in his back

Roupie was trying to ignore the honkers’ (Canada geese) party going on in his back. There were four families of these birds on the little lake this morning!

Going to the village
Going to the village

Have a good weekend!

Collage Scraps Exchange: first drafts

Collage Scraps Exchange - first drafts

On the left: scraps received, on the right and below: drafts no. 1 – 4!

Collage Scraps Exchange - first drafts

Collage Scraps Exchange

Collage Scraps Exchange

My first attempts at the collage for Brown Paper Bag’s Collage Scrap Exchange. Is it allowed to create something that looks like a little puppet theatre? If not, it will end up into a one dimensional artwork like draft no.2! Anyway, I am having fun moving the pieces around.

On another note; I don’t know if you have heard about what is going on in Quebec right now (student protests and Bill 78), but here is an absolutely beautiful video that captures the spirit of a movement called Les casseroles. It started just after the passing of Bill 78.


Mes premiers essais pour le collage organisé par Brown Paper Bag. Est-ce permis de jouer ainsi avec la dimensionnalité? Sinon, ça finira en un montage unidimensionnel à la façon de l’essai no 2… D’une façon ou d’une autre, je m’amuse à bouger les pièces!

Sur une autre note; je ne sais si vous avez entendu parler de ce qui se passe actuellement au Québec (grève étudiante et loi spéciale 78) mais voici une superbe vidéo qui capture l’esprit du Mouvement des casseroles (voir la vidéo plus haut), mouvement qui prend de l’ampleur depuis l’adoption de la loi 78.