Ecoline and micron pen on paper

In need of colour *** En manque de couleur


These are the last days to enjoy the little lake; it’s getting quite cold for a swim! *** On profite des derniers jours à pouvoir se baigner dans le petit lac. L’eau commence à être un brin glaciale!


The princess and the pea *** La princesse et le petit pois

Beasts: deconstructed + August’s wallpaper

Beasts: deconstructed :: Bêtes déconstruites

Three new beasts for my bestiary, I hope I remember which part goes where when it’s time to glue things up!  **********   Trois nouvelles créatures pour mon bestiaire, j’espère me rappeler la bonne combinaison de pièces quand il sera temps de tout coller!

August's wallpaper :: Papier peint du mois d'août

August’s wallpaper ***** Papier peint du mois d’août
1440 x 900 –  320 x 480 –  1920 x 1440 –  1280 x 1024

Sans titre

Sans titre

Sans titre

Have a good week!  ***** Bonne semaine!

Dan Cretu, Ryan Peltier

I know what you did last week…

Belu, by Simon :: Belu, par Simon

Belu, by Simon (11)

Perry, by Simon :: Perry, par Simon

Perry the platypus, by Simon (11)

Belu, by Guillaume :: Belu par Guillaume

Belu, by Guillaume (8). Belu was THE favourite inspiration for the kids during the week.



Flea market :: Marché aux puces

At the flea market

Flea market :: Marché aux puces

Asleep :: Endormi


The annual family reunion is over, after nine days under a beautiful and blazing sun. We ate, swam, went looking for mushrooms, drew, explored flea markets, etc.

Our place is suddenly very quiet and we are back to our usual routine!





This one knows everything about farniente.


Baby cauliflower!


Sweet peas are flowering. Nature is so elegant!

Still working on it

Still working on this piece and it’s going to have a blue brother…

With a little blue brother

Our weekend looked like this: flower picking, gardening, a father’s day dinner, badminton and craft activities with the nephew and niece plus a bit of farniente.

What about you?

How cool is that tree house?
And this building?

Summer studio :-)

summer studio :: atelier d'été

summer studio :: atelier d'été

We are almost done installing our outside dining & living room/work space/summer studio. I will show you more pictures later. As long as the temperature allows it, I will work outside, well protected under the screen house tent! The cats/foremen seem to approve of the new space; Roupie has already used it many times as a napping ground.


I am becoming an iPhone addict…
Six years ago, I bought a refurbished Blackberry Dinosaurus. It must have been the dullest phone you have ever seen and it was used mainly as an answering machine. About a month ago, I felt it was time to switch for an iPhone. After all, a website programmer has to test on the real thing! I barely had time to play with it until last week but I think I am already hooked! All those camera apps (among other things) are really addictive.

Emanuele Kabu




The past weeks have been a bit intense with work, the moving to prepare and some personal matters. The moving part is almost over (a last step today), so that’s one down! I can’t wait for a week of vacation that could give me the look of Roupie in the grass. As you can see in the pictures, our two rascals have passed through these weeks as usual…

The next few days are dedicated to unpacking and work but I will take the time to work on my collage and to nap in the hammock!

This is something that should help someone relax.

Have a good weekend!



Ecoline, ink and graphite on Strathmore watercolour paper

That is a lot of fur…

Remains of our birthday party

New drawings…

I was going for delicate and colourful shapes that would contrast with the presence of inkblots but these last ones turned out just as mini and delicate.

Other coloured spots: the dots of Luli Sanchez (via The Jealous Curator)


Nouveaux dessins…

Je voulais introduire des formes délicates et colorées qui auraient contrasté avec la présence des taches d’encre mais ces dernières ont fini en format mini, tout aussi délicates que les autres formes.

D’autres taches colorées : Dots de Luli Sanchez (via The Jealous Curator).