La Datcha’s new skin

Floating and leaves

I decided to start this year with a new skin and a slightly different organization for my blog. Cordonnier mal chaussé we say in French (poorly shod shoemaker): I spend so much time working on other people’s websites that I didn’t feel the urge to spend my evenings modifying mine. But at the same time, it hurt my eyes every time I looked at it. Now it’s almost done; it just needs a few more tweaks. I hope you’ll feel comfortable in this new ride!

The changes are not radically different; I quite like the conventional navigation of this type of blog, but I wanted something that had a bit more “space”. A good category cleanup was also on my to do list, plus a new page “Work” to keep track of what I consider important steps in my creation process.

Apart from programming, when I did sit down at the drawing table, it was to experiment with color and to play around with recycled bits that have been waiting in a box with other leftovers. I had planned to use the leaves in a collage for the DIY iHanna’s postcard swap, but they didn’t fit in. I haven’t found exactly what to do with these, but it was fun to arrange them in various montages.




Roupie the Mittens

I know it’s a bit late for this, but I wish you a fantastic 2014! I hope this year will be fulfilling and inspiring.

Makoto Kagoshima‘s beautiful ceramics
Naoko Serino‘s intriguing sculptures made out of fiber

A new kid on the block


This is Alphonse… Passion: radioactive chocolate.
Voici Alphonse… Passion : chocolat radioactif.

Like a 50's portrait

Like an old 1950’s portrait
À la façon d’un portrait des années 50

Sans titre

Cats have a slinky in place of a spine!
Les chats ont un slinky à la place d’une colonne vertébrale!

I love these remakes / j’adore ces interprétations :
The girl with a pearl earring, Weeping Woman and The two Fridas and much more!

Beasts: deconstructed + August’s wallpaper

Beasts: deconstructed :: Bêtes déconstruites

Three new beasts for my bestiary, I hope I remember which part goes where when it’s time to glue things up!  **********   Trois nouvelles créatures pour mon bestiaire, j’espère me rappeler la bonne combinaison de pièces quand il sera temps de tout coller!

August's wallpaper :: Papier peint du mois d'août

August’s wallpaper ***** Papier peint du mois d’août
1440 x 900 –  320 x 480 –  1920 x 1440 –  1280 x 1024

Sans titre

Sans titre

Sans titre

Have a good week!  ***** Bonne semaine!

Dan Cretu, Ryan Peltier

Bestiary: papercuttings (it all started with truffles)

Semaine 37 - Bestiaire

41- Bestiaire

I can no longer throw away paper scraps for it might become a part of my bestiary. It is quite spare at the moment (the papercutting part of it), but more imaginary animals will soon join the family.

It all began with a creamy chocolate candy: I started making truffles to hand out to family and friends at Christmas about five years ago and that offering called for a nice wrapping…

La grenouille

Le party de petites créatures

The first papercuttings were very basic. I made leaves and other simple forms as you can see in the image above. It eventually evolved into more complex creatures but never as intricate as these incredibly detailed works. I think it would drive me crazy to cut to such precision and as impressed as I am with these beautiful pieces, I also like the simplicity of my little beasts. I don’t know if it is due to their chocolaty origins, but they all turned out with round bellies.

42 - Bestiaire

Paper Works (PDF): contemporary artists and designers working with paper like Chris Natrop and Mariam Londoño.

Have a good weekend!