HES, Week 9: Decorating Pottery Pieces

Painted pottery pieces, ready for the second firing

Black underglaze on clay #910 (semi-porcelain) and #542 (light grey)


Height pieces done, 20 more or so to do!

These are for this week’s Hello Every Sunday. You can see the first height weeks on the project’s blog at helloeverysunday.tumblr.com.

I’m back to black, since that’s the only underglaze in my studio for the moment. You may recognize the big mushroom in the plate from a previous drawing. This time, I tried a variation with the negative space.

Hello Every Sunday, week four!

Hello Every Sunday, week four: Pods and seeds

Hello Every Sunday, week four: Pods and seeds

Pencil on paper

My! Four weeks already into this challenge; only 48 to go! This week’s theme: Pods and seeds. You can follow us at https://helloeverysunday.tumblr.com/.

I’m still struggling to find the right sketchbook. I need something that could hold 365 days of drawings, that can handle wet medium from time to time and that stays easily opened. Does that even exist? I would settle for 100 pages since I often combine three or more drawings on the same page. If you are aware of such a product, please tell me where to find it!