It’s been a while…

I haven’t posted in a while, not for a lack of things to show, but I can get very lazy when comes the time to put things together on a page and write down some words. However, I’ve been busy, working from morning to night, often seven days a week. Once I’m finished with my web work (I create websites), I hop in the workshop, which is next to my office and start throwing/turning a pot or two, draw, paint, etc.  Here are a few pieces created in the last two months.

For Hello Every Sunday: In the Dark
Pastel on paper


Three colored bowls
Teal and Avocado glazes on semi-porcelain (#910)

Colored glaze bowls, teal and avocado, by La Datcha 

For Hello Every Sunday: The Gourmet Rodent
Graphite and pastel on paper

Gourmet rodent, by La Datcha 

Octopus bowl
Underglaze on grey clay (#542)

Octopus bowl, by La Datcha 

Rabbit bowl, Octopus tumbler and Ostrich plate
Sgraffito (dark brown clay #540 covered with white slip) and underglaze on semi-porcelain (#910)

Small menagerie, by La Datcha 

For Hello Every Sunday: Fox in the Mist
Graphite on paper 

Smelling fox, by La Datcha 

Three bowls
Transparent glaze on marbled clay (#910 and #542)

Marbled clay bowls, by La Datcha 

For Hello Every Sunday: Transparent
Graphite on paper 

Transparent, by La Datcha 

There are many more! You can have a look at the Hello Every Sunday blog that I share with Priya, My Flickr account, Instagram or Facebook.

Black, Grey and White

La Datcha: Marbled clay bowls and a black plate
Transparent glaze on marbled clay (#542 and #910) and black slip plus transparent glaze on #910.

La Datcha: Marbled clay bowls

Marbled clay bowls, and a black plate that I’ve been wanting to make for a while…

And I was anxious to see how these would come out of the kiln, but I’m still not satisfied with the results. Here is the before:

Decorated plates and tumblers

And the after.
The goose was a total loss :-(.

If you read these lines and you have a recipe for a transparent glaze that will give crisp and clean results at cone 6, (or a special way to proceed), please contact me. I will be forever grateful!

HES, Week 9: Decorating Pottery Pieces

Painted pottery pieces, ready for the second firing

Black underglaze on clay #910 (semi-porcelain) and #542 (light grey)


Eight pieces done, 20 more or so to do!

These are for this week’s Hello Every Sunday. You can see the first eight weeks on the project’s blog at

I’m back to black, since that’s the only underglaze in my studio for the moment. You may recognize the big mushroom in the plate from a previous drawing. This time, I tried a variation with the negative space.

22 Ready to Go

Ceramics by La Datcha (Julie Lapointe)

I just spent three hours sanding these 22 pieces until they felt like baby skin. ;-)
It makes it so much easier to paint on the surface once they’re bisqued.

They’re now ready to leave for their first firing.

Happy 2017!

Happy 2017!

My best wishes to you for 2017; happy drawings, paintings, collages, pottery and what not!

I’ve started working TODAY on a brand new project, besides my current obsession (pottery): a drawing a day for the next 365 days in parallel to Priya from the Plum Tree. I’ll share the details in a next post. Until then, here are some pieces, in production or finished, that I’ve been working on during the past weeks.


My crooked coffee cupFur on wood and white glaze on clay

This small coffee cup is slightly crooked, but I love its texture and roundness. It feels a bit sandy under the fingers and it fits perfectly in my hands. Note the furry ballerina paws in the background. They are a perfect backdrop to any pictures.


Marbled clayA first attempt with marbled clay (#542 and #519), slowly drying


Marbled clay, polished with the back of a spoon
Marbled clay, polished with a metal spoon


Fall and winter pottery piecesCompleted pieces from this Fall/Winter
Mushroom: black underglaze and clear glaze on clay #519, black slip and clear glaze on speckled clay, grapevine glaze on clay #519


MushroomThe only drawing that came out as I hoped was this mushroom painted on a small disk. The combination was perfect: right amount of underglaze and transparent glaze on top. I applied a thin layer of the latter with a sponge and it seems that this is what works best. It didn’t make the drawing fuzzy like the other ones.


My January gift: a wallpaper of a very snowy forest in Sutton, where we used to live. You can download it by right-clicking on the picture. Choose “Save image as”.

Snow in the woods, Sutton (Quebec)