iHanna’s DIY postcard swap – fall 2013

2013 DIY Postcard Swap

Acrylic, watercolor pen, collage and micron pen on paper

The whole choir of the Great Greek Tragedy… :-)

The 10 postcards for iHanna’s DIY swap are done, addressed and stamped.

They started with a Halloween look but ended up inspired by the pages from the book they were painted on: “Deux cents versions grecques” (Two hundred Greek versions).

I will now wait to receive 10 postcards from 10 other participants!


  1. lee   •  

    I love them, I hope I get one, the book page and the black and white really pop

    • Julie Lapointe   •  

      Thank you Lee!

  2. iHanna   •  

    Oh wow, they look so dramatic (and a bit scary) together like that. Awesome postcard idea Julie! I’m waiting eagerly for my postcards too right now. :-)

    • Julie Lapointe   •  

      Yes, those black eyes are a bit spooky! :-)

  3. Sandra   •  

    They do look quite dramatic together, and similar, but different. Very nice job. If you are interested in a private postcard exchange I would love to swap with you.

    • Julie Lapointe   •  

      Thank you Sandra, and I will contact you for that swap!

  4. Randy Roelen   •  

    I really love your artwork and these are no exception, great work!

  5. Julie Lapointe   •  

    Thank you Randy and Chiara!

  6. Anik   •  

    Bravo Julie! Elles sont très belles!

  7. Pierre Lapointe   •  

    Ton talent ne se dément pas ma fille. Bravo!

  8. Chantal F   •  

    Très belles cartes! La mienne décore avec beauté mon piano! Merci ma Suppe!

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